Original Music.

Original Lyrics.

Your Story!


„Giving a custom song to someone you love is a once-in-a-lifetime gift that literally moves people to tears.“- customer

You can now have your very own radio quality song. A professionally written and recorded song by a Berlin Singer-Songwriter-Award-winning Songwriter.

And if you have a mission driven business, having your own song will take your marketing and branding to a whole new level!


Who is a custom song for:


– Weddings

– Anniversaries

– Birthdays

– Valentine’s Day


– Company theme songs

– Sync songs to video marketing material

– Branding


What a special way to honor a loved one with a song written about them and just for them. Say goodbye with a song that stays forever.


How does it work?

Let’s have a chat on Zoom:


I will tell you more about the whole process of custom songwriting in this call. You can ask me questions without having to buy or book anything yet. I will explain everything about the custom songwriting in detail.



If you choose to order custom song for you or your business:

I am so excited to hear about your story. I will have about 10 key questions for you that enable me to get the best idea of what your song should be about. Like, what genres do you listen to. Should the song be upbeat, mellow, danceable… Do you want to use it for a certain occasion like a wedding or a business conference? Questions like these will help me write the perfect song for you! This is your opportunity to tell me all about your idea of what the song should sound like.


I write your song

I write the melody the music and the lyrics considering everything you have told me in our previous call


Time to show you the acoustic version of your song

We make an appointment for another Zoom call where I play your song live for you.

This is the time where you can ask for changes in the song.


Off to the studio

I go to the Studio and record your song with a producer.


Time for delivery

I send your song to you as mp3 with an especially designed artwork cover.

What others say:


"When I was looking for an individual - really individual - gift for my husband’s 50th birthday, I spoke to Liv about whether she could imagine composing a song for my husband.

Without hesitation she agreed. Her spontaneity, her curiosity and the excitement of trying out something completely new together and going deep into my ideas ran through our entire collaboration.

My vision for the song: 80s style of music (my husband loves it), maybe danceable because it should be presented at the birthday party, direct reference to our lives. Being able to tell my husband something in a very special very personal and unique way ….that's what attracted me to get Lev to write a custom Song for us. 

I wrote down everything in prose that defines him and us and Liv pulled out exactly what it is in the song "Freeze the frame". "Hold on to the now". Liv asks the right questions and uses them to create something very unique, something very special. And she does it very professionally. How many hours she first listened to 80s songs to work out exactly what makes this music...

When the song was first presented on his birthday, the present guests did not believe at first that it was a song composed especially for him. It was so professional, so catchy, so good that it could have been successful on the market already. The amazement afterwards was great and of course everyone then looked intensively at the lyrics, which moved me and all the listeners a lot. We can't get this catchy tune out of our heads and will always have a permanent place in our favorite playlist. Thanks Liv!"

Have a listen to Michael’s song:

[iron_audioplayer title=“Freeze the Frame“ albums=“1077″ autoplay=“0″ show_playlist=“0″]


Ein Lied für uns  Mitten in den Vorbereitungen zur Hochzeit kam die Idee auf : Es wäre doch schön einen eigenen Song zu haben. Etwas was unsere Liebe, unser gemeinsames Leben beschreibt.

Liv Harper machte es uns mit ihrer ruhigen und ungezwungenen Art leicht das Wesentliche in Worte  zu fassen. Und die Umsetzung, als wir das fertige Lied zum ersten Mal hörten, war einfach toll. Unsere ganze Geschichte so schön beschrieben, der Text, der alles aufgreift was uns wichtig ist. Die Melodie die das Ganze dann erfühlbar und sogar tanzbar macht. Es war einfach schön uns in der Melodie zu sehen und zur Hochzeit dann nochmal ein ganz besonderer Augenblick, mit einem eigenen Lied, das uns für immer bleibt.

Danke Liv Harper