While her career started in the church and gospel world,

having been a worship leader at a big church in Germany,

falling in love with her girlfriend meant that she had to

take a back step from church activities, but her love and

passion for music remained the same.Liv Harper is now a

refreshingly eclectic and powerful songstress on track to be

the next global superstar. With a lifelong musical

background and her love for indie folk and pop, her music is

usually presented uniquely with her ability to get to the

heart of a song and connect deeply with the listener, which

is more than appreciated by her ever-expanding catalog of

listeners from all over the globe. Liv Harper’s authentic

music comes straight from the heart and speaks straight

into the depths of the soul, and that is what makes her

essentially different from others. Her new single,

“Cellophane Girl,” is now streaming on all the major

platforms. Just like the title suggests, this tune is a crystal-

clear, enchanting masterpiece backed by a crystalline

delivery! A deeply haunting and entrancing body of work,

this tune that is fully realized and produced within the

realms of laid-back, mellow indie folk pop is the best treat

for anyone’s eardrums. Harper’s voice is soulfully raw, and

the way she sings with her lead and backing vocal

harmonies creates a heavenly feeling that is less heard and

more experienced! And then she is emotional as well,

exuding an innate vulnerability with her singing that allows

the listener to connect with the song and the lyrics in their

own deep ways. „Cellophane Girl“ is the sort to remain in

your head even when you are not listening to it-simply

indescribably beautiful landscaping sounds and wonderful

vocals to satisfy a listener emotionally.